NL – Precision agriculture – Beijer uses proven technology from the automotive sector for precision agriculture in the agricultural sector. More precise: the SENTRAC Telematics platform for Sensor data in favor of precision agriculture.

The applicants:
– Beijer Automotive B.V.
– Van den Borne Aardappelen
– Boomkwekerijen Henri Fleuren B.V.

The future of precision agriculture is in accessible systems, access to advanced data and the tools to easily analyze complex data. In this project, the applicants want to develop the required technology and launch it on the market of the Agri & Food sector, under the name of SENTRAC as an accessible platform. SENTRAC wants to realize this through the development of:

  • Universally accessible agricultural telematics platform based on CAN (Controller Area Network) / ISOBUS On Board Unit (OBU) interface technology that is present in the agricultural vehicles and machinery. Through the direct interconnection between analyzed data with a web based server and database, all kinds of advantages can be achieved (Savings in time, consumption machines and raw materials).
  • Realization of an open web based platform with secured cloud storage and access, in which farmers can save their data in a secured cloud environment. Companies can develop their technology and services and offer them to the platform.
  • New and combined measurement techniques and Big Data yield optimization, through unlocking sensor data from agricultural vehicles and machinery, and to combine that with measurement techniques and to analyze this data with Big Data techniques. This enables more accurate adjustments.
  • SENTRAC-services focused on efficiency and preservation. Advice and implementation of new measurement techniques, performing special measurements, Big Data analysis, interpretation of results and integration in the individual management. A business office for precision agriculture focused on agricultural entrepreneurs. By the contribution of technology from the HTSM/Automotive sector in the Agrofood and Horticulture and Parental Material sector, an efficiency action can be made for the developments and certain systems and a new product market combination can be realized.

The three applicants jointly vision the web based platform to exploit the generated data in the form of a subscription. Besides that, Beijer Automotive B.V. will be able to sell their OBU’s to the subscribers, and offer Boomkwekerijen Henri Fleuren B.V. and Van den Borne culture specific advisory services.

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