CEMSS Car-sensor Enhanced Mobility and Safety System


The main goal of the project is the realisation of a combined platform in which Floating Car Data (FCD) and sensor data from the CAN-bus system of vehicles (=Probe Vehicle Data: PVD) can be united onto one platform in a big database (in the Cloud / Vetuda®), in which partners can add data, mine data and develop new services.

Facilitated by

  • Stichting CrossRoads2
  • Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling


With the expected developments, the data from fleets that generate Probe Vehicle Data and the data from fleets that generate Floating Car Data are being gathered. Besides, facilities and systems that are currently there already, are optimally used without the dependence on the car manufacturers.

The large amount of data sources provide a much more accurate image of for instance the actual situation on the road and enables a much more accurate feedback to traffic centres and also to the car drivers through their navigation system or smartphone (the sources of a large part of the data) for maximum optimization of traffic management with as little fixed infrastructure as possible.

Data are supposed to be well accessible for the users, should be able to be combined with each other and have to be enriched for specific applications and users. By means of free queries, partners should be able to enrich and mine the relevant data for themselves and their clients.

By combining PVD and FCD sensor data from the automotive value chain into one database in which all data can be combined with each other, a new synergy arises, that does not only speed up the innovation in the concerned sectors, but through which new combined data can be composed as well; data that are also relevant for other sectors such as for example logistical planning centres, health/air quality and infrastructure asses management.


The duration of the project is 18 months.
Start date: 01-01-2017
End date: 30-06-2018


  • Beijer Automotive BV
  • Be-Mobile Tech NV

The role of Beijer Automotive

  • Structure the CAN sensor platform
  • Merge PVD and FCD
  • Developing warning algorithms
  • In-car communication (Bluetooth-CAN-bus
  • Evaluation

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