Vetuda Agriculture

Vetuda is the world’s first generic solution, that makes it possible to directly communicate vehicle data (translated and enriched) from every individual vehicle, to every system that benefits from vehicle data.

Vetuda Agriculture

It is less known with the common people, but the agricultural sector has developed itself into a sector driven by modern technologies. Many agricultural vehicles are equipped with advanced data networks. And just as in the automotive sector these networks make it possible, with networks and the right expertise, to add real-time vehicle data, in this case from tractors, lawn mowers, e.a., and use with new and/or already existing applications.

Precision Agriculture

A good example of a technology that benefits from vehicle data from tractors and equipment is the precision agriculture. Precision agriculture aims to reach a maximum, homogeneous quality and yield with minimal fertilizer and pesticides. Because of less diesel and N-fertilizer use and because a good soil structure is created, precision agriculture is saving CO2-emissions. Also, the irrigation and sowing / planting density can be optimized.


By using Probe Vehicle Data from for example tractors, parameters such as fuel consumption, speed, rev count, tractive force, rotation hours and many others, can make a significant contribution to precision agriculture. There is for example a sensor that measures with what force a tractor pulls his plow. This is a measure for the compaction of the ground.

In the Vetuda database you can see which parameters there are on the network of agricultural vehicles. We are pleased to help you if you would like more information on this topic. Look on our contact page how to get in touch with us.

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