About us

Vetuda is a product of Beijer Automotive. Beijer supplies high-quality CAN bus (Controller Area Network) solutions and vehicle-specific installation support for the automotive, truck and motorcycle after-market. Innovation and the return that is achieved are of prime importance here. Companies, knowledge institutions and governments are able to turn to us for expertise and solutions.

Company goal

Since its establishment in 1991, Beijer Automotive has become a leading player in the rapidly growing national and international after-market. This market position is reinforced thanks to the company’s practical knowledge of the complexity of modern cars, combined with a theoretical knowledge of advanced electronics, the corresponding innovative products that Beijer Automotive supplies, the availability of technical specialists and the company’s own R&D facilities. As a result, Beijer is a reliable partner for its business relations, from the development phase up to and including the implementation of customised solutions.

Method of working

Beijer Automotive can offer a wealth of knowledge and practical experience thanks to the numerous measurements it has carried out on cars, trucks and motorbikes with conventional signals as well as multiplex networks (CAN). Customers of Beijer Automotive benefit from this specialist knowledge thanks to the availability of good and affordable products, and short implementation times, for example. Professionalism, quality and flexibility have proven to be ideal for acquiring and retaining satisfied customers.

Vetuda and Microsoft

For Microsoft, Vetuda was the first case-study on their Azure platform with vehicle sensor data. A reason for them to use the cooperation with us to use as a reference on their Youtube channel. In the video below you can see how this cooperation started and how we work with vehicle sensor data.

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