What is Vetuda?

Vetuda is the world’s first generic solution, that makes it possible to directly communicate vehicle data (translated and enriched) from every individual vehicle, to every system that benefits from vehicle data. As cars on the road network become sensors on wheels, the number of measuring points for incident-, weather- and traffic management on the road network can all of a sudden grow explosively. That won’t only lead to a higher coverage and a more precise measuring value, but that also saves on the purchase of expensive measuring stations. This is now possible with Vetuda. And this is just only one example of an application.

Vetuda data

What makes Vetuda unique is the combination of Probe Vehicle Data (PVD) and Floating Car Data (FCD). PVD are generated by sensors in vehicles, and find their way in the CAN-bus network of the vehicle. FCD are location and relocation data, received with the help of for example GPS, derived from external devices or systems that are present inside the car. Beijer Automotive develops the technology to withdraw PVD from vehicles and, combined with FCD, to unlock for a large scale of clients in multiple sectors.

To collect all these data in a reliable and safe way, Beijer has established a database and web server environment on the Microsoft Azure platform, registered by the name of “Vetuda”. The actual data are combined on a central web platform by means of advanced algorithms, for for instance weather and traffic warnings for road managers. To mention an example.

Vetuda sectors

Currently the focus of Vetuda is on the sectors Automotive and Agriculture. Every sector has its own applications, but combined data from one sector could also be of importance for other sectors, such as for example logistic planning centers, health-/air quality and ‘infrastructure asset management’.

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