Vetuda Automotive

Vetuda is the world’s first generic solution, that makes it possible to directly communicate vehicle data (translated and enriched) from every individual vehicle, to every system that benefits from vehicle data. As cars on the road network become sensors on wheels, the number of measuring points for incident-, weather- and traffic management on the road network can all of a sudden grow explosively. That won’t only lead to a higher coverage and a more precise measuring value, but that also saves on the purchase of expensive measuring stations. This is now possible with Vetuda. And this is just only one example of an application.

Vetuda Automotive

Vetuda vehicle data find their way in the automotive sector to for example telematic systems and fleet management applications, and are being used by for example road managers for Intelligent Traffic systems (ITS). A clear example of the last thing mentioned, is the CHARM-project. CHARM is an initiative of the UK Road Authority (Highways England) and Rijkswaterstaat, where Beijer’s Probe Vehicle Data are being used in cooperative (via roadside infrastructure in combination with the WiFi-P technique) and connected systems for Intelligent Traffic systems (ITS).


What Probe Vehicle Data to think of? Named parties want to know for example, where a lot of cars are using their windscreen wipers. Because that tells something about the local rain fall and the chance of traffic jams. Also fog light-information, the excessive use of the brakes and acceleration/deceleration are important parameters for them. Vetuda supplies that. Real-time.
Although the amount of data in the Vetuda-database is currently quite expanded and still growing, years ago it was already proven that the research of the data from only a small percentage of the entire vehicle fleet already gave a good indication of the entire local vehicle fleet. Currently, we are already years ahead and a rather percentage of cars on the Dutch roads deliver data. Reliable in-vehicle data that might be beneficial for your system or application. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

In the Vetuda database you can see which parameters there are present on the network of cars and light commercial vehicles.

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