Before the vehicle data is send to Vetuda, vehicle and personal data are being removed. This assures that the data from Vetuda is not capable of converting from which vehicle the data is originated and who the driver or substitute-driver was. Solely a signal id, signal name, time, location and the value/status of a specific signal is saved, as showed in the undermentioned example.
All of the present vehicle data on the Vetuda platform comes from road vehicles of fleet owners (lease companies, public authorities, taxi companies, transport companies), and all the agricultural vehicles that are affiliated to Vetuda. The number of vehicles that contribute is growing rapidly. Leading to a higher coverage and a more precise measuring value.
All vehicles that supply data on the Azure-platform are equipped with Beijer-technology in a way. This could be a fleet management system or a taximeter for example, which sends wireless data.
Yes, definitely. Every vehicle/means of transport that is equipped with CAN-bus networks can be deployed for Vetuda. Regardless of the sector it is being used.

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